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  [1] -We want someone to design the new art museum for us.?-_____ the young fellow have a try??

  [译文] ——我们想找人为我们设计一个新的艺术博物馆。——是不是让这位年轻小伙子试一试?

  A. May   B. Shall

  C. Will   D. Need

  [答案] B。 shall作为情态动词,用于二三人称,表示"询问","警告","允诺","命令","决心","强制"等语气。will作为情态动词,用于主语是各种人称的陈述句中,表示"意愿"和"倾向"。用于第二人称的疑问句中,表"请求"。

  [2] When he was a little boy,he ______ on the farm.

  [译文] 但他是一个小孩时,常常在农场里劳动。

  A. used to working   B. used to work

  C. got used to work   D. was used to work

  [答案] B。 used to do sth.意为"过去经常做某事"。be used to do sth.意为"被用来做某事"。be/get used to doing sth."习惯于做某事"。

  [3] I’ll give the prize to _______ finishes the work first.

  [译文] 我将把奖品给最先完成工作的人。

  A. whomever   B. whoever

  C. who   D. anyone

  [答案] B。 名词性从句中的“救从不救主原则”和“首选原则”。

  [4] In the 16-19 age group,32 of women smoke ______ 28 of men.?

  [译文] 在16-19年龄组里,女性和男性抽烟的比例是32:28。

  A. comparing to   B. comparing with

  C. compared to   D. compare with

  [答案] C。 与。。。相比较。

  [5] How pleasant the picture is to _______!

  [译文] 这幅画看起来很不错!

  A. be looked   B. for looking at

  C. looking at   D. look at

  [答案] D。 =It is peasant to look at the picture。故不定式用主动形式。

  [6] It was five o’clock in the afternoon _____ they climbed up to the top of the mountain.

  [译文] 他们爬上山顶的时候是下午5点钟。

  A. since   B. when

  C. That   D. until

  [答案] B。 此句为一主从复合句。"when"引导状语从句;若看作强调结构,应在five前加at。?

  [7] -What did you think of ______ president??-I didn’t care for him at first,but after ____ time I get to like him.

  [译文] ——你认为这位总统如何?  ——起初我一点也不喜欢他。但过了一段时间,我却逐渐喜欢他了。

  A. the; a   B. /; the

  C. the; the   D. /; a

  [答案] A。 the president特指"那个人",并非表"职衔";"职务"。

  [8] Last term our maths teacher set so difficult an examination problem _____ none of us worked out.

  [译文] 上学期数学老师考试出题太难,没有一个人能解出来。

  A. that   B. as

  C. so that   D. which

  [答案] B。 as引导定语从句修饰"examination problem",在从句中作宾语,因其先行词前有限定词so。若看作"so…that…"结构,结果状语从句应加宾语,为"worked it out"。

  [9] How pleased the detective was _____ what his customer told him!

  [译文] 侦探听到他的客户所讲的事很是高兴!

  A. hearing   B. heard

  C. to hearing   D. to hear

  [答案] D。 "be pleased to do sth."为固定结构,不定式表原因。此感叹句的陈述句形式为: The detective was pleased to hear what his customer told him.

  [10] Mrs. Brown was much disappointed to see the washing machine she had _____ went wrong again.

  [译文] 布朗太太看她修好的洗衣机又坏了很失望。

  A. it repaired   B. to be repaired

  C. to repair   D. repaired

  [答案] D。 考查"have sth. done"结构,原句含定语从句"…the washing machine that s he had repaired…"

  [11] -Has Tommy finished his homework yet??-I have no idea; he ____ it this morning.

  [译文] ——汤米完成了他的作业了吗?  —— 我不知道,今天上午他在做呢。

  A. was doing   B. had been doing

  C. has done   D. did

  [答案] A。 表示今天上午一直在做作业。

  [12] -If you have time tonight,I’d like to invite you to a ball.? -That’s very nice of you,but are you ____??

  [译文] ——如果你今晚有时间,我想邀你去跳舞。  ——太好了,是真的吗?

  A. free   B. careful

  C. serious   D. true

  [答案] C。 serious:严肃的;认真的。"你是当真吗?"

  [13] -You couldn’t have chosen any gift better for me.? -______.

  [译文] ——你再不能选出比这更好的礼物了。——_______.

  A. Oh,I’d choose a better one for you next time.?  B. You’ve had a gift for music,haven’t you?

  C. I’m glad that you like it so much.   D. Sorry,but don’t blame me,dear.

  [答案] C。 本句意为"你再不能选出比这更好的礼物了。"意即"这是最好的礼物。"

  [14] -My mathematics is very poor.? -Don’t worry. I’ll help you ______ I can.?

  [译文] ——我的数学很差。  ——不要着急。我将尽力帮助你。

  A. as far as   B. as soon as

  C. as quickly as   D. as possible as

  [答案] A。 as far as:"就……";"到……程度",表范围。D项应为"as…as possible"。

  [15] -Did your uncle fly to Paris directly?? -No,he travelled from Hong Kong _____ London.

  [译文] ——你叔叔直接飞巴黎去了?     ——不,他从香港出发取道伦敦飞抵巴黎。

  A. through   B. by way of

  C. across   D. on way of

  [答案] B。 by way of意为"途经";"经由";"取道"。

  [16] Canada,Australia and New Zealand are all ____ countries.

  [译文] 加拿大,澳大利亚和新西兰都是讲英语的国家。

  A. spoken?English   B. English?spoken

  C. speaking?English   D. English?speaking

  [答案] D。 spoken?English的意思是:口头英语。English?speaking countries:讲英语的国家。

  [17] He ____ me to keep away from cigarette and take more exercise.

  [译文] 他答应我不抽烟并且参加锻炼。

  A. agreed   B. suggested

  C. promised   D. hoped

  [答案] C。 promise sb. to do sth.的用法。还可根据句义排除A

  [18] The Beatles (一乐队名),________ many of you are old enough to remember,came from Liverpool.

  [译文] Beatles乐队,正如你们能记住的那样,来自利物浦。

  A. for   B. though

  C. As   D. since

  [答案] C。 D两项,C项suggest不能接不定式。

  [19] We used to work in the same office and we _________ have coffee together.?

  [译文] 我们过去在同一个办公室上班,常常一起喝咖啡。

  A. would   B. should

  C. which   D. might

  [答案] A。 as引导的非限制性定语从句,as代替整个主句。

  [20] Is it Shakespeare Theatre _______ you are going to watch the play The Merchant of Venice?

  [译文] 这就是你看“威力斯商人”的那个莎士比亚剧院吗?

  A.wheres   B. that

  C. which   D. as

  [答案] A。 would do sth.表示过去常常做某事(不涉及现在的情况),used to do sth.过去常常做某事(现在已经不发出该动作了)。

  [21] I _____ to take a holiday this summer, but I had to change my plan .

  [译文] 我原打算今年暑假休假,但我不得不改变主意。

  A. would hope   B. was hoping

  C. had been hoped   D. had hoped

  [答案] D。 hope动作发生在had to change动作之前,是"过去的过去",故用过去完成时。

  [22] -I heard Back Street would sing at the New Theater.?-Where did you _____?

  [译文] ——我听说Back Street将在新戏院演唱。  ——你从何处得到这个消息的?

  A. pick that up   B. put that up

  C. make that up   D. take that up

  [答案] A。 pick up为"获悉或打听到消息"之意。

  [23] -Are you satisfied with her answer??-Not at all. It couldn’t have been _____.

  [译文] ——你满意他的回答么?   ——一点也不满意。不应该这样的糟。

  A. worse   B. so bad

  C. better   D. the worse

  [答案] A。 can’t/couldn’t与比较级连用时表示"再也没有更……的了"。

  [24] I will give the book to _____ wants to read it.

  [译文] 我将把这本书给那些想读它的人。

  A. whoever   B. whomever

  C. who   D. whom

  [答案] A。 whoever在引导的名词性从句中作主语,整个从句做介词to的宾语。此处可用anyone who来替换。

  [25] -Thank you very much.? -You are welcome. I was _____ glad to help.

  [译文] ——非常感谢你。    ——欢迎你。我很高兴能帮助你。

  A. too much   B. only too

  C. not so   D. very much

  [答案] B。 too…to…前面有only时表示肯定含义。

  [26] If _____ the same treatment again, he’s sure to get well.

  [译文] 如果再进行同样的治疗,他肯定会好的。

  A. giving   B. give

  C. given   D. being given

  [答案] C。 在条件状语从句中,如果其主语和主句的主语一致,那么可以把条件句中的主语和系动词be同时省略。此题中即是在If后省略了he is。

  [27] His best known work that is _____ all praise can be seen in the museum.

  [译文] 在博物馆将会看到他那令人赞叹不已的最出名的作品。

  A. with   B. beyond

  C. without   D. within

  [答案] B。 此处beyond意为"超出(……的范围)"。

  [28] -What do you think of the book?? -Oh, excellent. It is worth _____ second time.

  [译文] ——你认为这本书如何?   ——喔,不错!只得再看一遍。

  A. to read a   B. to read the

  C. reading a   D. being read the

  [答案] C。 be worth doing本身就表示被动含义,即"值得做某事"。a second time表示不确定的"第二次",实为"又一次",并非特定,故不用the。

  [29] Let us hope we can settle the matter without _____ more trouble.

  [译文] 让我们希望解决这个问题没有任何麻烦。

  A. any   B. a little

  C. some   D. little

  [答案] A。 any一般用在具有否定意义的短语或句子当中。

  [30] Charles did what he could _____ the servant, although he himself was in danger.?

  [译文] 尽管他自己也在危险中,Charles尽了他的一切努力救助他的仆人。

  A. rescue   B. rescued

  C. to rescue   D. rescuing

  [答案] C。 此题中could后省略了do,而不定式to rescue是目的状语。


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