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  1. (2015·岳阳模拟) ________ was really a great wonder that he could survive in such bad conditions.

  A. This   B. It   C. That   D. What

  【解析】选B。句意: 他可以在这样恶劣的条件下生存真是个奇迹。it作形式主语, 后面的that从句作真正的主语。


  The Premier said ________ was an important task to find jobs for all the university graduates.

  A. this B. it C. that D. what

  【解析】选B。句意: 总理说为所有的高校毕业生找到工作是一项重要任务。said后的宾语从句中it作形式主语, 不定式短语作真正的主语。

  2. (2015·长沙模拟)I really didn’t understand ________ made the captain desert the ship and escape alone without taking care of the passengers on board.

  A. what was it      B. what it was that

  C. it was what that D. what was it that

  【解析】选B。句意: 我真的不明白是什么使船长丢弃船只不顾乘客而独自逃跑。强调句型的特殊疑问句在从句中要用陈述语序, 故选B。


  (2015·雅安模拟)It was in Beihai Park, ________ they had their first date, ________ the old couple told us their romantic love story.

  A. where; that B. that; that

  C. where; when D. that; when

  【解析】选A。句意: 是在他们第一次约会的北海公园, 那对老夫妇给我们讲述了他们浪漫的爱情故事。第一个空是where引导的定语从句修饰Beihai Park, 第二个空是强调句型, 应用that。故选A。

  3. ________ I made rice, it came out like white paste.

  A. For the first time B. By the first time

  C. At the first time D. The first time

  【解析】选D。句意: 我第一次做米饭时, 它结果像白色的糨糊。the first time用作连词, 引导时间状语从句。For the first time作时间状语, 不引导从句。


  ________ I saw Linda, she was playing the piano attentively.

  A. At the first time B. For the first time

  C. By the first time D. The first time

  【解析】选D。句意: 我第一次看到琳达的时候, 她正在专心地弹钢琴。the first time+从句, 表示“第一次做某事时”。


  for the first time, It be the first time that. . . 和the first time. . . 的区别

  (1)for the first time表示“第一次”, 作时间状语。

  (2)It be the first time that. . . 表示“第一次做某事”。当主句谓语为is时, 从句用现在完成时态; 当主句谓语为was时, 从句用过去完成时态。

  (3)the first time. . . 表示“第一次……时”。the first time引导时间状语从句, 从句多用一般过去时态。

  4. Every day a number of tourists take pictures in front of the tower, which ________ as early as 800 years ago.

  A. dates back to B. is dated back to

  C. is dating back to D. was dated back to

  【解析】选A。句意: 每天都有一些游客在这座可追溯到800年前的塔前拍照。短语date back to相当于date from, 意为“追溯到, 始于”, 多用于一般现在时, 且一般不用于被动语态。

  5. The choice you make upon graduation from college is of vital importance, for an appropriate ________ makes it possible for you to show your talent.

  A. regulation B. occupation

  C. recommendation D. participation

  【解析】选B。句意: 大学毕业后你所做的选择至关重要, 因为一个适当的职业会有可能使你展现你的才能。regulation规章, 规则; occupation职业; recommendation推荐, 建议; participation参与。故选B。

  6. We asked eight leading writers what items they would donate to the museum ________ their own lost loves.

  A. in favour of B. in response to

  C. in return for D. in honour of

  【解析】选D。考查介词短语辨析。句意: 为此我们采访了八位前沿作家, 为了纪念他们逝去的爱情, 他们将会捐献什么物品给博物馆。in favour of支持, 赞成; in response to响应, 对……有反应; in return for作为……的报答; in honour of为了纪念。


  Even if she is ________ the proposal now, we can’t rely on her support; she is the kind of person who blows hot and cold.

  A. in honour of B. in face of

  C. in need of D. in favour of

  【解析】选D。句意: 即使她现在赞成这个建议, 我们也不能依靠她的支持, 她是个反复无常的人。in favour of赞成; in honour of向……表示敬意; in face of面对; in need of需要。

  7. (2015·怀化模拟) ________ all of you are top students, only one will be chosen for the coming competition.

  A. While   B. Since   C. If   D. As

  【解析】选A。句意: 尽管你们都是很优秀的学生, 但是将只有一个学生被选出来参加竞赛。while“虽然”, 引导让步状语从句, 符合句意; since既然, 因为; if是否; as由于, 随着。

  8. I’ve personally never ________ the view that the rich are superior to the poor-it’s unfair.

  A. subscribed to B. objected to

  C. attended to D. appealed to【解析】选A。句意: 我个人从来都不同意富人优于穷人的观点, 那是不公平的。subscribe to同意, 符合句意; object to反对; attend to专心于, 照顾; appeal to吸引, 呼吁。

  9. He became an official in the government as his parents had hoped, but he didn’t like it and had no ________ in this field.

  A. ambition B. intention

  C. identification D. explanation

  【解析】选A。句意: 正如父母所愿, 他成为了一名政府官员, 但是他不喜欢这个职位, 在此领域没有什么抱负。ambition抱负, 野心; intention意图; identification辨认, 识别; explanation解释。

  10. (2015·岳阳模拟) ________ in 1636, Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States.

  A. Founded B. Being founded

  C. It was founded D. Founding【解析】选A。考查非谓语动词。句意: 建于1636年的哈佛大学是美国最著名的大学之一。本句主语是Harvard, 与found之间是被动关系, 故用过去分词形式。

  11. Children’s words and actions are often fairly ________ , and they do not seem to follow a definite plan or pattern.

  A. random B. aggressive

  C. deliberate D. temporary

  【解析】选A。句意: 孩子们的言行往往相当随意, 他们似乎并不遵循一定的计划或模式。random随意的, 随机的; aggressive侵略的, 侵犯的; deliberate故意的; temporary临时的。

  12. The model has ________ because it improved on the idea of local online advertising.

  A. caught on B. kept on

  C. taken on D. held on

  【解析】选A。考查动词短语辨析。句意: 该模式一直很受欢迎, 因为它将地方在线广告的理念进一步深化了。catch on流行, 受欢迎; keep on继续进行; take on承担, 呈现; hold on握住不放, 坚持住。

  13. (2015·长沙模拟)In his victory speech ________ before a huge crowd of his supporters, Obama declared that “Change has come to America”.

  A. delivered B. to be delivered

  C. having delivered D. delivering

  【解析】选A。句意: 奥巴马在他的一大群支持者面前发表的获胜演说中宣称“美国的变革时代已经到来”。speech和deliver之间是被动关系, 故选A。

  14. Everything seemed to be going ________ for the first two days after I moved to New York.

  A. vividly B. generally

  C. frequently D. smoothly

  【解析】选D。考查副词辨析。句意: 在我搬到纽约后的开始两天一切看起来都很顺利。A项表示“生动地”; B项表示“普遍地, 大体地”; C项表示“频繁地”; D项表示“平滑地, 顺利地”。

  15. ________ by the mudslide, the city was cut off from the outside.

  A. Having struck B. To be struck

  C. Struck D. Being struck

  【解析】选C。考查非谓语动词。句意: 由于受泥石流的袭击, 这座城市与外界失去了联系。此处struck by the mudslide相当于状语从句because it was struck by the mudslide。由此可知句子主语the city与strike之间是逻辑上的被动关系, 所以要用过去分词。to be struck作状语表示目的; being struck表示“正在被袭击”。


  Just as I didn’t know what to do next, it suddenly ________ me how we could improve the situation.

  A. drew  B. struck  C. rushed  D. pushed

  【解析】选B。It strikes/struck sb. (that). . . 某人突然想起……。这里指突然想起我们如何改善这种状况。

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