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  1.—Someone wants you on the phone.

  —________ nobody knows I am here.

  A. Although B. And

  C. But D. So

  [解析]句意:——有人打电话找你。——可是没人知道我在这儿呀。本题考查连词。由答语 nobody knows I am here 可知,上下文句子间为转折关系,故答案为C项。


  2.It was a nice meal, ________ a little expensive.

  A. though B. whether

  C. as D. since

  [解析]句意:尽管有点贵,但还是不错的一餐。本题考查连词。A:尽管,虽然;B:是否;C:因为,尽管,但作“尽管”讲时,常用倒装结构;D:既然,自从。由语境中两个关键词 nice 和 expensive 可得知,这里表示转折。故选A。


  3.Find ways to praise your children often, ________ you'll find they will open their hearts to you.

  A. till B. or

  C. and D. but

  [解析]句意:设法常常表扬你的孩子们,这样你就会发现他们会向你敞开心扉。本题考查并列连词。从句意连贯判断应用 and 表顺承关系。


  4.He had his camera ready ________ he saw something that would make a good picture.

  A. even if B. if only

  C. in case D. so that



  5. ________ regular exercise is very important, it's never a good idea to exercise too close to bedtime.

  A. If B. As

  C. Although D. Unless

  [解析]句意:尽管定时锻炼很重要,但临睡前锻炼绝不是个好主意。本题考查状语从句的用法。although 虽然……但是;if 如果;as 由于,因为;unless 如果不。依句意可知C项正确。


  6.Please call my secretary to arrange a meeting this afternoon, or ________ it is convenient to you.

  A. whenever B. however

  C. whichever D. wherever

  [解析]句意:请现在或在你方便的时候打电话告诉我的秘书下午安排一个会议。本题考查状语从句。根据题中的 this afternoon 以及 or 可知设空处应该和时间有关,故答案为A项。


  7.________ all of them are strong candidates, only one will be chosen for the post.

  A. Since B. While

  C. If D. As

  [解析]句意:尽管他们都是(实力)很强的候选人,但只有一人将入选这个职位。本题考查连词。since 既然;while 尽管;if 如果;as 当……时候。根据句意应选择B项。


  8.________ volleyball is her main focus, she's also great at basketball.

  A. Since B. Once

  C. Unless D. While

  [解析]句意:尽管她把重点都放在排球上,可她也擅长篮球。本题考查连词。根据句意应选择D项。这里 while 引导让步状语从句。


  9.It was April 29,2011 ________ Prince William and Kate Middleton walked into the palace hall of the wedding ceremony.

  A. that   B. when C. since  D. before

  [解析]句意:2011年4月29日,英国威廉王子和凯特·米德尔顿走入婚姻殿堂。本题考查状语从句。根据句意可知设空处引导时间状语从句,故答案为B项。本题易误选A项,认为本题考查强调句型,如选A项,需在 April 29,2011前加上介词 on。


  10.One Friday,we were packing to leave for a weekend away ________ my daughter heard cries for help.

  A. after B. while

  C. since D. when

  [解析]句意:一个周五,我们正在打包要出去度周末,这时我女儿听到有人求救的声音。本句考查“be doing... when... (正在做……这时……)”这一结构,在本结构中,when 是并列连词,表示“这时”的意思,相当于 and at that time。


  11.It sounds like something is wrong with the car's engine. ________, we'd better take it to the garage immediately.

  A. Otherwise B. If not

  C. But for that D. If so

  [解析]句意:汽车的发动机听上去好像出了问题。如果这样的话,我们最好马上把车开到修理厂。if so 假如这样的话,符合题意,所以选D。otherwise 否则;if not 如果不……;but for that 要不是那样的话,均不符合句意。


  12.Jack wasn't saying anything, but the teacher smiled at him ________ he had done something very clever.

  A. as if B. in case

  C. while D. though

  [解析]句意:杰克没说什么,但是老师向他微笑,好像他之前做的是明智之举似的。考查状语从句的用法。in case 以防;while 然而;though 尽管,以上三项都不符合句意,故选A项。


  13. No matter how ________, it is not necessarily lifeless.

  A. a desert may be dry B. dry a desert may be

  C. may a desert be dry D. dry may a desert be

  [解析]句意:无论沙漠可能会多么干燥,那里也未必没有生命。本题考查让步状语从句。“no matter how+形容词/副词+主语+谓语”构成让步状语从句。四个选项中只有B项符合要求。


  14.He had no sooner finished his speech ________ the students started cheering.

  A. since B. as

  C. when D. than

  [解析]句意:他刚做完演讲,学生们就开始欢呼起来。本题考查固定句式。no sooner 往往与 than 连用,意为:一……就……。故答案为D项。


  15.To show our respect,we usually have to take our gloves off ________ we are to shake hands with.

  A. whichever B. whenever

  C. whoever D. wherever

  [解析]句意:为了表示我们的敬意,无论我们与谁握手,通常都要摘掉手套。本题考查状语从句的用法。设空处后 we are to shake hands with 后缺宾语,故排除B、D两项;shake hands with 的宾语应为“人”,故排除A项;whoever=no matter who意为:无论谁。


  16.Frank insisted that he was not asleep ________ I had great difficulty in waking him up.

  A. whether B. although

  C. for D. so

  [解析]句意:尽管我费了好大周折才把 Frank 弄醒,他却坚持说自己没有睡着。考查状语从句。用 though/although 引导让步状语从句,表示“尽管,虽然”。A:是否;C引导原因状语从句;D引导并列句,表示“因此”,都不符合句意。


  17.As is reported,it is 100 years ________ Tsinghua University was founded.

  A. when B. before

  C. after D. since

  [解析]句意:据报道,自从清华大学成立已经有100年了。考查状语从句。这里用句式“It be+一段时间+since引导的状语从句”表示“自从……(到现在)有多长时间了”。


  18. If a lot of people say a film is not good, I won't bother to see it, or I'll wait ________ it comes out on DVD.

  A. whether B. after

  C. though D. until



  19.The police officers in our city work hard ________ the rest of us can live a safe life.

  A. in case B. as if

  C. in order that D. only if



  20.Mary made coffee ________ her guests were finishing their meal.

  A. so that B. although

  C. while D. as if

  [解析]句意:客人们就要吃完饭的时候,玛丽去煮咖啡了。本题考查连词。so that 以便,为了,用来引导目的状语从句或结果状语从句。although 虽然,尽管,用来引导让步状语从句。while ①在……期间,当……的时候,用来引导时间状语从句;②然而,而(=but),表示对比。as if(=as though)仿佛,好像,用来引导方式状语从句。从句意可知C项正确。


  21.The little boy won't go to sleep ________ his mother tells him a story.

  A. or B. unless

  C. but D. whether

  [解析]句意:除非妈妈给他讲故事,否则小男孩就不去睡觉。or 或者,否则;unless 除非;but 但,除……之外;whether 是否。根据语境可知,这里用 unless 表示“除非……否则……”。


  22.The school rules state that no child shall be allowed out of the school during the day, ________ accompanied by an adult.

  A. once B. when

  C. if D. unless



  23.________ you may have, you should gather your courage to face the challenge.

  A. However a serious problem

  B. What a serious problem

  C. However serious a problem

  D. What serious a problem

  [解析]句意:无论你的问题有多严重,你都应该鼓起勇气来接受挑战。分析题干可知逗号前是让步状语从句,what 不能用来引导状语从句,所以排除B、D两项;however+adj.+a/an+单数名词=whatever+a/an+adj.+单数名词,故C项正确。


  24.________ our manager objects to Tom's joining the club, we shall accept him as a member.

  A. Until B. Unless

  C. If D. After



  25._______ they decide which college to go to, students should research the admission procedures.

  A. As B. While

  C. Until D. Once

  [解析]句意:一旦学生们决定了要上哪所大学,他们就应该研究申请此大学的程序了。as 当……时,由于;while 当……时,尽管;until 直到;once 一旦。根据句意选择D项。


  26.John thinks it won't be long ________ he is ready for his new job.

  A. when   B. after C. before   D. since

  [解析]句意:约翰认为不久他就能为他的新工作做好准备。本题考查句式 It won't be long before...,表示“过不了多久就……”。注意以下句子的区别:

  ①It is three years since he left.

  ②It was three years before he left.

  ③It was three years ago that he left.

  ④It was three o'clock when/before he left.

  [答案] C

  27.—Our holiday cost a lot of money.

  —Did it? Well, that doesn't matter ________ you enjoyed yourselves.

  A. as long as B. unless

  C. as soon as D. though

  [解析]句意:——我们这次度假花了很多钱。——是吗?没关系,只要你们玩得高兴就行。本题考查连词的用法。as long as 只要;unless 除非;as soon as 一……就;though 尽管,虽然。


  28.The girl had hardly rung the bell ________ the door was opened suddenly, and her friend rushed out to greet her.

  A. before B. until

  C. as D. since

  [解析]句意:这个女孩刚一按门铃,门就突然打开了,她的朋友冲出来迎接她。本题考查固定句型 hardly... when/before...,意为“一……就……”。


  29.The engineers are so busy that they have zero time for outdoor sports activities, ________ they have the interest.

  A. wherever B. whenever

  C. even if D. as if

  [解析]句意:工程师们如此忙碌,以至于没时间做户外活动,即使他们对做户外活动很感兴趣。本题考查连词。even if 即使,引导让步状语从句。wherever 无论什么地方;whenever 无论什么时候;as if 好像。


  30.Just use this room for the time being, and we'll offer you a larger one ________ it becomes available.

  A. as soon as B. unless

  C. as far as D. until

  [解析]句意:暂时用这个房间吧,一有可能,我们就会给你提供一个大点的房子。本题考查连词。as soon as 一……就……,引导时间状语从句。unless 除非;as far as 远到,至于;until 直到。


  31.The old man asked Lucy to move to another chair ________ he wanted to sit next to his wife.

  A. although B. unless

  C. because D. if

  [解析]句意:那位老人请 Lucy 换坐另一把椅子,因为他想挨着他妻子坐。本题考查状语从句引导词。由句意分析前后为因果关系,所以选 because。A尽管;B除非;C因为;D如果。


  32.The little girl who got lost decided to remain ________ she was and wait for her mother.

  A. where B. what

  C. how D. who

  [解析]句意:那个迷路的小女孩决定待在原地等她的母亲。where 引导地点状语从句。


  33.—Shall we have our picnic tomorrow?

  —________ it doesn't rain.

  A. Until B. While

  C. Once D. If

  [解析]句意:——明天我们去野餐好吗?——如果不下雨的话。until 直到……时间;while 当……的时候;once 一旦……(就……);if 如果……


  34.My parents don't mind what job I do ______ I am happy.

  A. even though B. as soon as

  C. as long as D. as though

  [解析]句意:我的父母不在乎我从事什么样的工作,只要我高兴就好。本题考查状语从句。as long as(=so long as)引导条件状语从句,意为“只要”。as soon as 一……就……;even though 虽然,尽管;as though 好像。



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